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An intuitive, user-friendly, adaptable, cloud-based venue booking system.
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About Book-IT

Book-IT is a new extensive booking solution, providing an easy way to allow your customer's to personally reserve their seats within your venue for an upcoming performance or event.

The booking process is simplified by providing the customer the ability to visualise the layout of your venue and assess the available seating options; providing a clear user-friendly perspective.

Book-IT is diverse and adaptable as it can cater for theatres, cinemas and auditoriums both large and small.


No requirement for expensive hardware, Book-IT resides in the cloud allowing for access from any basic PC, laptop, tablet or mobile device.

Patrons can book tickets online and print their own tickets.

Preconfigured to work with Paypal as this is the most widely used payment provider however Book-IT will work with any payment provider.

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Book-IT standard system will fit most theatre needs, however, if you require a more bespoke booking solution then we are able to tailor the system to your specific needs.

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Book-IT will work with any device, PC, Tablet or mobile.

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Book-IT will be configured to your current branding at no extra cost.

Book-IT will be pre-configured to your theatre layout at no extra cost.

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Book-IT has many pre-configured reports to allow you total control of your bookings and payments.

Book-IT allows you to email past visitors with new up and coming productions with ease and market target audiences.

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